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The Foundation of Your Superior Athletic Apparel Line.


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Technology ™

Patent Two Tier Fabric

  • Dry Comfortable Skin at last!
  • No Sogginess
  • Fast Evaporation
  • Soft Touch
  • Durable
  • Odor Free
  • Chemical Free

Performance Guaranteed!

Does your athletic apparel pass the Drywicking Test?

  • Dry Sweat-Free Skin in Under A Second for Maximum Performance
  • Chemical Free
  • Odor Free
  • Wicking Pima Cotton Outer Layer Provides the Fastest Evaporative Cooling

We challenge any sport fabric to put SMART Tiers to the Drywicking Test! We are confident that our product is naturally better than any of the big five; New Balance, Adidas, Under Armour, Nike!

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The new standard in sweat management

SMART Tiers™ Fabric: Sweat Management And Removal Technology

S.M.A.R.T. Shirts and Fashions are entirely American made and grown. Our goal is to deliver superior comfortable athletic apparel that works better and longer than any other in the area of sweat management.

DRYWICKING: This is achieved by our patent pending knitting process, whereby sweat is mechanically propelled away from the skin and into a distinct second layer. The first soft tier uniquely keeps the skin dry without the use of chemical treatments. Our soft silky inner fibers provide extreme comfort, no more sogginess, and a dry non bacteria growing microclimate. The outer layer, designed for maximum evaporation and transfer, dries quickly preventing condensation and odors caused by lingering sweat. This resilient fabric combination has the added benefit of insulation without causing the body to overheat or cool too quickly when your exertion level varies or different outside temperatures are encountered. SMART Tiers' revolutionary process is self contained in one fabric that is soft, comfortable, durable and will not pill. Our dimensionally stable dual layer fabric will maintain its fit and finish indefinitely.

SMART Tiers™ have been independently tested in laboratories and most importantly on people finding comfort while training, at work or at play. Never before has such a gradient of dryness on the inside been achieved naturally. Because of direct contact with the skin, SMART Tiers' dryness is further aided by body heat and body motion. We at SMART Tiers™ invite your comparison. You'll notice nothing but comfort and improved personal performance. Because we make the fabric and sew the clothing, SMART Tiers garments are completely Berry Amendment compliant.

Throw away your deoderant! You can use SMART Tiers multiple times, without smelling like a gym sock!

Sweaty no more.™

Work easier.
Play better.™


  • 4-10 ounces per square yard.
  • Various two-tone colors.
  • Available with Spandex.
  • Available in Athletic or Fashion textures.
  • Licensing available.
  • Custom manufacturing available.

We Guarantee....

  • SMART Tiers removes sweat from your skin in under a second.
  • The dry inner layer doesn’t cling to your skin! We call it Drywicking.
  • Fast evaporative premium cotton outer layer.
  • You will perform and feel better.
  • No body odor!
  • Chemical Free wicking that will not wash out.
  • Silky Soft. Durable. Easy care. Sun Protection.
  • Colorful shirts, leggings, and sleepwear.


Sweat Management And Removal Technology
Berry Compliant

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